Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan #3

Power Outage Services Company offers an annual preventative maintenance contract that helps insure that your generator will serve you for many years.  The annual preventative maintenance includes service completed by a Generac or Kohler factory trained technician for the following items:

Monitoring power outage maps for power outages in your area;

Review of machine during power outages (this is particularly useful when traveling) or away from your home at long intervals like summer vacation homes or wintering in the south. 

This includes:

o   Monitoring through visual or electronic inspection of your machine

o   Preparation to bring your system back on line if it fails

o   Contact with you regarding the status of your system

3 Periodic reviews of your generator; 1 of which includes the annual service items below;

·Oil change

·Review history and run time

·New oil filter

·Review alarm codes

·New air filter

·Check and cycle electronics

·New spark plugs gapped to spec

·Clean entire machine

·Adjust lifters (if necessary)

·Test entire machine and circuits

·Inspection of  hoses

·Load test battery

·Inspection of ignition wires

·Test battery voltage

·Inspection of weather case

·Test battery charging system

·Check and report propane level

·Inspect battery for leakage

·Check electrical output

·Test transfer switch

o   At the generator

·Check Anti-freeze (if necessary)

o   At the terminal

o   At the switch

o   At the circuit panel

When you sign up for service, as part of your annual maintenance contract we will have portable 8 KW generators available on short notice to restore power to critical systems at your home in the event of damage to your unit. The portable unit will be at your home until we can get your primary standby generator operational or the utility power is restored to your home.  *Electronic monitoring is extra. 8 KW generators are on a first come first serve basis.