Commercial Generators 

Your business cannot afford to be out of electric power, electric power is operating power, if you have no electric power, you have no operations. 

Your company needs a reliable, dependable back-up solution to the over taxed and under maintained electric system in New England. 

Power companies do their best to keep up with growing demand and an aging power grid.  But both of these factors combined with New England weather create enormous problems for companies trying to maintain an ongoing business. 

Power Outage Services Company can help your company eliminate the loss of business because of the loss of electricity. 

We can evaluate your back-up electrical requirements, evaluate space constraints, available fuel systems, load balancing and operational vs. safe shut down or minimal load carries.

Power Outage Services Company is available to meet with you at your site, with the appropriate expertise to help you make a decision on the best solution for your firm or business to keep you in business even when the local utility is not available.  And after the installation we are available to maintain your system to ensure that the power is always available when you need it.