In today’s competitive business landscape, even a brief power outage can cause significant disruptions and financial losses. Power Outage Services Company provides reliable backup power solutions to ensure your business remains operational during outages.

Why Choose Us?

New England’s aging grid and harsh weather can cause frequent power outages, impacting your business. We offer:

Expert Consultation

We assess your needs, including space constraints, fuel options, and power requirements.

Generator Selection

We offer Generac and Kohler generators ranging from 12 kW to 150 kW to meet your specific requirements.

Fuel Options

We help you choose the most suitable fuel type, including natural gas, propane, or diesel.

Transfer Switch Solutions

We offer a variety of automatic transfer switches for seamless power transition during outages.

Reliable Maintenance

We maintain your generator to run at it’s optimal performance when you need it.

Commercial generator service refers to a spectrum of services offered by Power Outage Services Company, which specializes in maintaining and repairing commercial-grade generators. These generators are crucial for businesses, as they provide standby power supply during outages–a service which ultimately ensures productivity and operational continuity. The services typically include, but are not limited to, regular maintenance checks, troubleshooting, repairs, and sometimes even removal and re-installation. High-quality commercial generator service providers prioritize efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction, employing certified professionals to deliver these services.

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