Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to install a standby generator at my home?

Many different factors can affect the price of an installation of a standby generator. Factors such as location, size of your utility service, different appliances that you want to run, heating system type, etc. are all included in determining the price of your generator installation.

What size generator do I need for my home?

Similar to price, the generator size you need depends on many factors. Power Outage Services Company will help you determine the size generator that best fits your application.

Do I have to start my generator during a power outage?

No, all Generac and Kohler standby generators start automatically and transfer to emergency generator power without human intervention when a loss of utility service is detected.

Do I need to service my standby generator?

Yes, your generator should be serviced every year. Power Outage Services Company offers two maintenance plans, which include an oil change, a new oil filter, new spark plugs, and an air filter. The maintenance plans include valve adjustments if needed, visual inspection of wires and gas lines, load testing of the battery, and checking the voltage and frequency. It also includes a review of the transfer switch, an entire system test, and 24/7 emergency service coverage at a discounted rate.

How long does the installation process for a standby generator take?

The length of the installation process varies based on different factors such as weather, season, and availability of generators, and the availability of local inspectors. Although the length of the process can vary, we promise to have it completed as quickly as possible.

What happens when I lose power?

When your standby generator detects a loss of utility power, it starts itself within 10 seconds. Within another 10 seconds, your generator’s automatic transfer switch transfers from utility power to emergency power automatically, and all of the circuits powered by your generator will turn on.
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